Performing for the university and Kearney communities since 1905, the Kearney Symphony Orchestra holds a unique position in Nebraska through its collaboration of UNK students, faculty, and professional musicians. Presenting concerts that include familiar standard repertoire, as well as new works, the orchestra draws from players across the state in combined efforts of musicians who are UNK students, hobbyists, and professional-level performers. The result is exciting, inspiring, and entertaining.

The orchestra is open to all who qualify through audition and placement. Auditions are held on the first Tuesday of each semester (August and January) or through appointment with the music director in the UNK Fine Arts Building.  For detailed information, prospective players can contact, Dr. Alison Gaines, Conductor and Director of Music at

Violin I

Connie Moon, concert master*

Claire Nash +

Colton Hervert +

Ginger Durall *

Josh Fish *

Violin II

Josh Wetovick, Principal +

Abby Marshall +

Akira Hamoda +

Lynn Brewster *

Maria Serrano *


Rochelle Hazleton, Principal +

Nic Landanger +

Gabriel Forero Villamizar *

Mee-Hwa Roche*


Rachel Witt, Principal +

Jonathan Drozda +


Marcus Gibson, Principal +

Jeff Stelling *

Karin Fukasawa +


Erin Van Hal, Principal ~

Natalie Radcliffe *


Heidi Farrell, Principal <

Jacob Cahill +



Aaron Borer, Principal ~

Erika Tsuji +


Roxanne Tillotson, Principal *

Jake Gutschenritter +


French Horn

Cameron Grafel, Principal +

Jasmyn Howard +

Dylan Johnson +

Jacob Solomon +


Erin Beave, Principal *

Sadie Uhing +


Haley West, Principal +

Bailey Miska +

Jacob Temme +


Dr. Robert Benton <


Dr. Duane Bierman, Principal <

Jacob Obrecht +

Cameron Scheibe ~



*Community member; + Current UNK student; ~ UNK alumni; < UNK Music Faculty