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We are excited to have our housing application live for students returning to UNK for the 2022-2023 academic year. New student applications open on Jan 5th. Students can sign up for housing online via the MyBlue Housing Portal>Academic Year 2022-2023 application.

We've learned that students that live in the halls at UNK for two years graduate on-time and have higher GPAs. Our campus partners are great collaborators and fantastic resources that we help students utilize and embrace to find their own success. We also embrace the Student Affairs curriculum which helps students learn skills to help them with future employment. Inclusive leadership, conflict management, healthy routines, and self-care are some of the major priorities we focus on teaching students living with us in the halls.

We do have priority housing based on application date; so students that fill it out sooner get priority for their preferred housing. This is the only housing opportunity in Kearney dedicated to helping students find success at UNK.

Housing Dates to Know 2022-2023

First Year Students
Application Opens Jan 5th, 2022
Roommate Selection Dates April 29th - May 22nd, 2022
Room Self Selection Dates May 25th - May 31st, 2022
Manual Assignments Ongoing past June 1st, 2022
Returning Students
Application Opens Nov 15th, 2021
Roommate Selection Dates Nov 15th - Feb 8th, 2022
Room Self Selection Dates Feb 10th - Feb 28th, 2022
Manual Assignments Ongoing past March 1st, 2022

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