About the Department

The University of Nebraska at Kearney's Cyber Systems Department empowers students to become difference makers that innovate and solve cyber challenges. We do this through personalized, innovative, experiential learning opportunities. You will also benefit from UNK’s internship program and business partnerships to gain on-the-job experience as you earn your degree.

In any of the UNK Cyber System programs you will learn by doing, and be in the driver’s seat. Under the direction of experienced faculty members, you can create your own VR game, configure your own enterprise virtualized network and system, design and develop business application software, create your own robot or build and defend computer and network systems.

Cyber Systems has a wide array of programs including Cyber Security Operations, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Technology and Networking, and Business Intelligence. Cyber Systems major programs follow international standard curricula. 

What’s perhaps most exciting for you is our new STEM building, Discovery Hall, which houses our programs. Also new is our Cyber Security Operations program that focuses on technology and techniques related to specialized cyber operations to defend information systems infrastructure.

Stephanie Slayden

“The first time I visited UNK, I met with multiple professors in the Computer Science department. I got to visit some of the labs and the professors explained to me the projects that some of the current students were working on. I thought that the UNK CSIT department was very welcoming and that it was a place where I could succeed.”

Stephanie Slayden

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Beyond the Classroom

The Cyber Systems Department at UNK provides its students with the opportunity to grow and excel in their field with scholarships, internships, student organizations, and hands-on experience to drive their passion for their future. Future employers will be impressed with your vast amount of knowledge and experience after graduating from UNK's Cyber Systems Department. 

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Student Resources

Cyber Systems students are known for their creativity and hard work. Most Cyber Systems students also complete internships that complement their class work. 100% of our students are placed in full time positions.

  • View Cyber Systems Scholarships The department of Cyber Systems offers scholarships for current students, as well as incoming freshmen. Students may apply for Scholarships each year from February 1 through the last day of February by accessing the online application on MyBLUE. This single application on MyBLUE will submit a student's application for consideration of all UNK scholarships for which they qualify. All applicants will be notified of their results by the month of June. (Incoming freshmen and transfer students must be admitted to UNK to apply.)
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Academic Agreements

  • Transfer Agreements There are articulation agreements with Central Community College for students who complete their Associate Science Information Technology Transfer Degree at CCC to finish their Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Information Technology at UNK.
  • Graduate School Agreements Graduate School Articulation (transfer) Agreements with the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Kansas State University.
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Community Engagement

The Cyber Systems Department provides access to quality IT education to young people and through initiatives to make young people in Central Nebraska more IT-career ready. The Cyber Systems Department is committed to developing and nurturing a healthy IT community of professionals in Central Nebraska.