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About the Organizational and Relational Communication Degree Program

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With an Organizational and Relational Communication degree, you will develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively in personal and professional relationships. The ability to clearly communicate ideas and foster collaboration are critical in all areas of life, and excellent communicators are highly sought-after by organizations large and small.

At UNK, passionate professors dive deep into core concepts such as how to nurture two-way conversations, cope with conflict, produce and share information and make clear and persuasive presentations of ideas or concerns. Interactive classroom spaces and experiential learning opportunities are essential parts of the communication program.

After completing the program requirements, you'll have a clear understanding of issues facing organizations today and gain the critical thinking skills necessary to craft effective messages from a variety of perspectives and tailor them for different audiences.

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Online Organizational and Relational Communication Degree Program

As an online Organizational and Relational Communication Comprehensive student at UNK, you'll receive a quality and affordable education as well as the same degree as our on-campus students. Request Info Student Resources Online Curriculum

Organizational and Relational Communication Comprehensive Program at a Glance


Credit Hours

General Studies requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to UNK.

Degree Received

Organizational and Relational Communication Comprehensive, Bachelor of Science


Great Value

UNK is the most affordable Nebraska university and most students receive significant financial aid

Katie Archer

“My favorite thing about living on campus is staying connected with my peers, faculty, and campus activities. Living on campus creates a sense of community that allows people of all different backgrounds to live in the same space and grow together. It's like having a bunch of roommates that become your family. As a resident assistant, my passion is to harvest this growth between residents and allow them to realize their potential and the potential of others. This type of support system cannot be found anywhere else.”


Katie Archer

Organizational & Relational Communication

What can you do with an Organizational and Relational Communication Comprehensive Degree

Learn more about the types of jobs and common employers that Organizational and Relational Communication Comprehensive graduates work for.


  • Human resources specialist
  • Corporate trainer
  • Sales representative
  • Recruiter
  • Event planner
  • Campaign director
  • Personnel manager
  • Career/life coach


  • Platte River Radio
  • Human Resources, Kearney Regional
  • University of Kansas
  • Lincoln Children's Museum
  • GIX Logistics

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