Student Leadership Opportunities


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UNK's Official Blue Gold Welcome Event Planner

Login to Handshake to access the application: (use your Lopermail credentials) and go to "jobs" and then "on-campus".

The Blue Gold Welcome Student Coordinator plays a vital role in the success of all new students as they transition to college life at UNK during Blue & Gold Welcome (BGW). The BGW coordinator must be a dedicated UNK student, a proud Loper, and someone who believes that they can be the reason why a student stays at UNK.  As the BGW coordinator you must:

  • Be detailed oriented and enjoy event planning—This position plans, manages, and executes all BGW activities.
  • Be able to lead a large group--You are in charge of all Loper Leaders (125-150 current student guides)
  • Be able to take direction—You will work as an assistant to the Assistant Director of First Year Program.
  • Work well with those who are different from you.
  • Be confident in conversation. You will have to communicate with student, families, businesses, faculty, staff and other important campus and community people.
  • Show Loper pride.

The Blue and Gold Welcome Student Coordinator must be available to work 10-15 hours in the Spring semester leading up to summer 2020, live in Kearney for summer 2020 with the availability to work 20+ hours a week, and then have the option to continue working during the fall 2020.  Due to timing and job responsibilities Resident Assistants are ineligible to apply. 

UNK's Official Student Welcoming Team

Login to Handshake to access the application: (use your Lopermail credentials) and go to "jobs" and then "on-campus".

As a New Student Orientation Team Leader, you will be the face of the University. You are integral in the successful transition to UNK, for not only students but also their families. This position requires a smile, Loper pride, and the ability to think on your feet.

Orientation Team Leaders will welcome students and their families to UNK by guiding them through the process of the New Student Enrollment day. Daily NSE tasks include:

  • Providing leadership with NSE set-up, check-in and tear-down each day.
  • Teaching students how to register for their classes using MyBlue.
  • Facilitating icebreakers and team building activities.
  • Creating & giving presentations to parents and students on their UNK experience. Which includes building and performing a daily skit, song, etc.
  • Initiating and maintaining positive and professional communications to prospective students and their families through social media, email, and phone calls.
  • Giving campus tours & preparing Admissions materials.
  • You will be required to work with others and take on the positions of a leader and a follower. 
  • You will be required to be a creative force by thinking on your feet and generating various activities for all UNK visitors.  

Other NSE day duties include:

  • Attending regularly scheduled team meetings. 
  • Working scheduled office hours in the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions on non-NSE days.  
  • Serving as Fall Orientation Leaders during the Blue/Gold Welcome Week Activities.
  • Participating in student staff training retreats.
  • Performing other duties as assigned.

Blue Gold Welcome's Implementation Squad

Login to Handshake to access the application: (use your Lopermail credentials) and go to "jobs" and then "on-campus".

The First Year Program is in need of 1 stellar student to help make the Blue Gold Welcome one to remember.  

The Loper Squad will help the Blue Gold Welcome Coordinator and the Assistant Director of First Year Program:

  • facilitate and carry-out specific Blue Gold events
  • provide leadership to the Loper Leaders when needed
  • create and maintain social media campaigns through out Blue Gold Welcome

Loper Squad duties will start the week prior to BGW and end after the first weekend of school.  

UNK's Official Student Welcome Team

What’s a Loper Leader:

Loper Leaders are a vital part to the success of all new students’ as they transition to college life at UNK during Blue & Gold Welcome Weekend events.  Loper Leaders are the definition of what it means to be a UNK student and a proud Loper.  Loper Leaders are students who demonstrate leadership qualities, work as a team with others, can engage in conversation with new students, and show Loper pride. Each Loper Leader will be partnered with a Loper Team Leader as well as other Loper Leaders and will escort new students to a variety of activities throughout the week. Loper Leaders will serve as campus guides, facilitate intentional interactions with new students, answer questions and engage each student in the planned weekend events. 

Give me some details!

Loper Leader duties will begin the Thursday prior to the fall semester with training and will conclude that Sunday prior to the first day of class. Events where Loper Leaders will be needed include, The Chancellor's Convocation, Orientation, Playfair, and more. Loper Leaders are high energy, enthusiastic, team-builders who have a passion for the University of Nebraska-Kearney and want to share it with new incoming students! Due to requirements and job responsibilities, Resident Assistants are ineligible to apply.

I’m in, what does it take to be a Loper Leader?

Loper Leaders tend to be: good communicators, excellent time-managers, leaders in a variety of realms and full of Loper Pride. Expectations of a Loper Leader include: Attend a Meet and Greet Loper Leaders meeting in April (date to be announced), attend training, and attend all events during Blue and Gold Welcome Weekend specified at training, have a positive-team-like attitude to welcome our students to the fullest extent, and be in good academic and university standing.

What’s in it for me?

Benefits of a Loper Leader include: Leadership experience to put on future resumes, early move-in to campus residence halls, free Loper-Leader T-shirt (yes!), kick starting incoming student's life at UNK, satisfaction of helping students to feel right at home, spending the weekend with energetic-Loper-lovin’ students like yourself, and free breakfast and lunch on Saturday (woo-hoo)!