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2018 Loper Leaders


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What are Loper Leaders?

Loper Leaders are a vital part to the success of all new students’ as they transition to college life at UNK during Blue & Gold Welcome events.  Loper Leaders are the definition of what it means to be a UNK student and a proud Loper.  Loper Leaders are students who demonstrate leadership qualities, work as a team with others, can engage in conversation with new students, and show Loper pride. Each Loper Leader will be partnered with a Loper Team Leader as well as other Loper Leaders and will escort new students to a variety of activities throughout the week.

What will I do as a Loper Leader?

  • Work with fellow Loper Leaders to ensure our newest Lopers are guided to their Blue Gold Welcome activities
  • Facilitate intentional interactions with new students
  • Make the new Lopers feel at home by answering questions and participating in engaging conversation
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to these students as they embark on their college journey
  • Create a fun and energetic environment

Give Me Some Details!

Loper Leader duties will begin with Loper Leader Training on Thursday, August 17th.

For sorority women, your training will be on Monday, August 14th.

Official duties with students begin with Move-In on Friday morning, August 18th around 8:00 a.m.. and will conclude on Sunday afternoon with Class Roam around 4:00 p.m.

Events where Loper Leaders will be needed include The Chancellor's Convocation, Orientation, Playfair, and more.

** Due to requirements and job responsibilities, Resident Assistants are ineligible to apply.

I'm In! What Does It Take to be a Loper Leader?

Loper Leaders tend to be: good communicators, excellent time-managers, leaders in varying campus and community organizations, and full of Loper Pride.

Expectations of a Loper Leader include:

  • Being present and attentive at all Blue Gold Welcome Weekend activities
  • Attending a Meet and Greet Loper Leaders meeting in April (date to be announced)
  • Attending a training either on August 14th (sorority women) or August 17th
  • Having a positive-team-like attitude to welcome our students to the fullest extent
  • Being in good academic and university standing

What's In It For Me?

Benefits of a Loper Leader include:

  • Incredible Leadership experience to put on future resumes
  • Volunteer hours for other student organizations
  • The opportunity to mentor our newest Lopers and help kick start the new life at UNK
  • Satisfaction of helping students feel right at home
  • Spending the weekend with us, and your fellow energetic-Loper-lovin' students
  • Free breakfast and lunch on that Saturday (woo hoo!).
  • Early move-in to campus residence halls
  • Free Loper-Leader T-shirt (yes!)
  • A chance to win one of four $50- Loper Dollars or a ticket to the Spring Concert 2018
    • **To be entered in the drawing, you must complete a full weekend of Loper Leader duties. Drawing will take place at the end of the duties on Saturday.