FIRST Tips and Tricks

First year program presents the first six weeks checklist

Opening Weekend AUGUST 23 - 25

  • (8/23)Move into your Residence Hall Room 
  • (8/25)Find your classes during Campus Class Roam
  • Check Canvas and check for any early instructions from your instructors (login with your email credentials)
    • Also, accept the invitation for the First Year Summit and complete this to help you through your first semester!
  • Purchase your textbooks from the Antelope Book Store in the Union
  • Stay up to date on all Blue Gold Welcome activities: 

WEEK 1: AUGUST 26 - September 1

  • Visit the office of Academic Advising and Career Development to adjust your schedule if needed.  This is the only week you can do this without written permission and for free.
  • Organize! Once you attend all of your classes look over your syllabi and figure out when papers, tests, and projects are due. Put these into a calendar or organizer of some sort so you don’t miss one of those important dates.
  • Mix it up! Find several study spots. Research shows that varying the environment you study in builds more pathways to information in your brain. 
  • (8/29) Attend Destination Downtown and get to know the Kearney Community.

WEEK 2: September 2 - 8

  • (9/2) Labor day: No Class!
  • Watch your Lopermail for your E-Bill notification. This is the only notification you will get about your bill. 
  • Login to MyBlue to find your academic advisor.  Reach out to them and introduce yourself.  
  • (9/3) Attend Res Life's Escape Room event to help you get to know your roommate.


  • (9/11) Go to the Student Organization Fair 
  • Head to the second floor of the library (The Learning Commons) for tutoring, study sessions, so you can get ahead and stay ahead. 
  • You currently have a hold on your MyBlue account, and in order to remove it, you must speak with an advisor in Academic Advising and Career Development (MSAB 150). You will not be able to register for your next semester courses until this hold has been lifted.


  • Treat yourself to a night away from academics. Go out to dinner with friends, attend an athletic event on campus, or just watch Netflix with some friends for an evening. 
  • Struggling with a class? If you haven’t attended your professor’s office hours, now is the time to go see him/her for a little extra help. You can find your professors’ office hours and locations located on your class syllabus.


  • (9/26) Don’t forget to pay your tuition and fees. Late fees will be added to your bill if you do not pay it on time. This is also the last day to enroll in the Loper Payment Plan. 
  • Begin to plan out the rest of the semester, look back and see where you made mistakes at the beginning of the year and make changes to help you succeed in the second half. 
  • Set goals for the rest of the semester and into next semester. What do you want to accomplish? Change? Improve upon?
  • Your academic advising appointment will be coming up soon. If you haven't reached out to your advisor yet, now is the time!
  • If you are unsure who your advisor is, come see us in First Year Programs and we will help point you in the right direction.