After three busy weeks of secret agent training, preparing for Summer Olympics 2021, and flying all around, Louie decides to slow down his pace. This week Louie wants to spend his time outside visiting parks, walking trails, and taking in the nature around him. He will fill his days with flowers, trees, and wildlife and his nights with campfires and constellations. On Saturday Louie is even planning to participate in the Great American Campout Day! A week in THE GREAT OUTDOORS is exactly what he needs!

ALL Grades K-6

Who doesn’t love s’mores? Or scavenger hunts? All ages will enjoy these activities.  Everything from building rafts or suncatchers to experimenting with light.  Everyone can find something from the list below that they will enjoy!

kids building raft

Build a Raft Challenge


S’mores Variations

home made flower suncatcher

Flower Suncatcher

magnet compass

Make a Working Compass

Grades K-2

Below are a lot of different science and art projects to keep the younger kids engaged and learning for hours.  Some have to do with leaves. Others use the sun. Whatever the materials or project, you will be enjoying nature along the way.

leaf rubbing

Leaf Rubbing Collage

paper plate cloud

Paper Plate Cloud Craft

leaf sun catcher

Leaf Sun Catcher

buffalo hides craft

Buffalo Hides

Grades 3-6

Who wants to cook outdoors one your own solar oven? Or how about making your own mini bow and arrow set? Maybe you are more interested in mastering various knots. Whatever your interests, you are sure to find something in this list below that you will enjoy.

rope tying practice

Rope Tying Practice Stick

kid writing in journal

Terracotta Pot Painting

home made solar oven

Build a Solar Oven

mini bow and arrow craft

Mini Bow and Arrow

parts of a flower

Exploring the Parts of a Flower

explore water travel through leaves

Explore How Water Travels Through Leaves

Travel Videos

You may not be there in person, but these virtual tours will allow you to visit all different areas of our world!  Get an up close and personal look at a volcano, rain forest, ocean, canyon, and more!  And many of these websites have additional locations you can virtually travel to see.  Enjoy just how beautiful the Great Outdoors is all over our world!