After a week of extensive Olympics training, Louie decides he needs to take some time to relax outside. He uses his senses to take in his surroundings.  He sees a bird land by his feet.  He feels the wind blowing in his fur. He hears a plane zooming overhead. All of these things get Louie wondering: What would it be like to fly


Fly high, through the atmosphere, and into space with some of these activities.  You can make paper rockets or visit Mars virtually.  Or maybe you’d like to enjoy a book read by astronauts while in space.  Galaxy slime anyone? Everyone is sure to find something out of this world!


How do planes fly? Who is Amelia Earhart? How do the US Navy Blue Angels get their planes to move in those ways? How many planes are over Nebraska right now? Find the answers to these questions and more!

All Things That Fly

Rockets and planes were not the first types of flight.  Birds, kites, balloons, and launchers also fly.  Check out some of the activities below to discover more things that soar, float, and fall gracefully.

nebraska bird

Nebraska Bird Library


Design a Parachute

paper machet hot air balloon

Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

Do it yourself Cotton Ball Launcher

Cotton Ball Launcher

paper bird kite

Bird Kite

kites made of stained glass

Stain Glass Window Kites

hot air balloon water color project

Hot Air Balloon Watercolor Art

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