The PAWS University Detective Agency welcomes you as its newest agent.  Once you have sharpened some of your chromatography, fingerprinting, and cryptanalysis skills using the materials in your kit, we suggest you check out some of the additional activities below. You are sure to find some activities or websites that help you sharpen those Secret Agent skills!

Activities for Grades K-6

Kids (and adults) of all ages will enjoy these fun activities!  Some younger grades may require a little extra assistance from an adult or an older sibling.  A few of these can even be enjoyed over and over again. Make your own rainbow. Learn how to dust for prints at home. Or try your skills at computer coding.

Louie the Loper

DIY Invisible INK

male UNK student with arms on hips

Make a Rainbow

female UNK student showing Loper sign

Dusting for Prints

UNK Chancellor and his daughter

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

male greek students in competition

Computer Coding and Games

Activities for Grades K-2

The activities below are sure to provide students in grades K-2 with hours of fun!  Try to create a Fingerprint Doodle for each letter of the alphabet! Or how about a laser beam challenge in your hallway? To be honest, older kids would probably really enjoy some of these as well!

Grow a Rainbow

Chromatography Butterfly

Egg Carton Spy Glasses

DIY Magnifying Glass

Top Secret Watercolor Messages

Activities for Grades 3-6

Are you a student in grades 3-6? Do you like to work your brain or challenge yourself? If so, take a look at these activities!  Spend a little extra time escaping a digital room or studying the fascinating (and super cool) history of Navajo Code Talkers. There is certain to be an activity or two here that you are going to love!

Additional Information

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