2020 Student Employee and Student Supervisor of the Year Nomination Form

Please complete the below nomination form describing the accomplishments which you feel qualify the candidate to be considered for the Student Employee of the Year or Student Supervisor Employee of the Year awards.  There may be several nominators within your organization/department, please combine your comments and submit only one nomination for each candidate. You may nominate more than one student for each award. The deadline for 2020 nominations is February 11, 2021.

Nomination Form

The nomination should be as comprehensive as possible, citing reasons and examples of outstanding work. Nominations will be judged on the following characteristics: Nominations will be judged on the following characteristics: Communication, Digital Technology, Problem Solving, Professionalism, Intercultural Fluency, Career Management, Leadership, and Teamwork. Keep the following qualities in mind while composing your nomination:

  • Communication - Provide examples for how the nominee communicates efficiently verbally/non-verbally, exhibits excellent public speaking skills, and contributes to the department by writing and editing documents clearly.
  • Digital Technology - How does the nominee utilize technology to solve office issues, adapt to office technologies easily, and identify appropriate hardware and software to accomplish goals?
  • Problem Solving - List examples of how the nominee thinks originally and creatively to come up with solutions, gathers and interprets data to come to decisions, and is able to analyze and interpret situations logically.
  • Professional Work Ethic - How does the nominee manage their workload efficiently, display a professional image through both their actions and appearance, and act with integrity and honesty to serve the community as a whole?
  • Intercultural Fluency - List examples of how the nominee interacts with all people in a respectful and understanding fashion, makes an effort to create an environment of inclusivity, and seeks to increase their understanding and knowledge of other people.
  • Career Management - How does the nominee self-advocate for opportunities in the workplace, articulate the skills and knowledge they acquire throughout work, and see the bigger picture of how their work ties into their future aspirations?
  • Leadership - List examples of how the nominee delegates work fairly with others in the workplace, understands how each team member brings individual strengths and skills to the table, and prioritizes and organizes their workload within the team.
  • Teamwork - How does the nominee build relationships and rapport with others in the workplace, negotiate and manage conflict smoothly and effectively, and impactfully work with others to achieve a common goal?

In order to be eligible for consideration, student employees must have worked a minimum of 6 months part-time (or three months full-time), during the selection period which is from June in the prior year through May of the current year.

Nominees are not restricted to students employed through the Federal Work Study Program. All student employees are eligible for consideration.