Residence Hall Cable

All UNK residence halls are equipped with cable television service.  The UNK Cable Network is the next generation of high definition, high quality TV. The cable network has over 100 channels, including the Big Ten Network.  Part of our cable service also includes online streaming and cloud DVR.

TVs must have a QAM adaptor to receive the channels.  Most newer TVs already have the QAM adaptor pre-installed, certain brands may not.

Cable Channel Lineup

Printable Cable Line Up

Residence Hall Channel Lineup
2 Analog Test Channel 32.2 Lifetime HD
2.1 DSI Channel Guide 33.1 We TV HD
2.2 TV Japan 33.2 Oxygen
3.1 PBS-HD   KLNE 34.1 Bravo HD
3.2 PBS World 34.2 Cooking Channel HD
3.3 Create 35.1 Food Network HD
11.1 CBS-HD   KGIN 35.2 HGTV HD
11.2 NBC-KSNB 36.1 Syfy Channel HD
11.3 MyNetwork TV    36.2 Travel Channel HD
13.1 ABC-HD   KHGI 37.1 BBC America HD
13.2 FOX-KFXL 37.2 TLC HD
14.1 KHAS - NBC 38.1 History Channel HD
14.2 Get TV 38.2 National Geographic HD
15.1 CNN HD 39.1 Discovery Channel HD
15.2 Bloomberg 39.2 Discovery Fit & Health
16.1 MSNBC HD 40.1 Weather Channel HD
16.2 CNBC HD 40.2 Velocity HD
17.1 Fox News Channel HD 41.1 Spike TV HD
17.2 HITN 41.2 BET HD
18.1 OWN 42.1 A&E HD
18.2 Univision 42.2 FX HD
19.1 CCTV News 43.1 USA Network HD
19.2 CCTV-E 43.2 TV Land 
20.1 AXS HD 44.1 tru-TV HD
20.2 Fuse HD 44.2 TV Games Network
21.1 VH1 HD 45.1 TBS HD
21.2 MTV HD 45.2 TNT HD
22.1 MTV2 46.1 FXX
22.2 FM 46.2 NBA TV
23.1 CMT HD 47.1 NHL Network HD
23.2 Laff Network 47.2 NFL Network HD
24.1 Pursuit 48.1 NBC Sports Network HD
24.2 ION Television (East) 48.2 CBS Sports Network HD
25.1 IFC HD 49.1 Fox Sports 1 HD
25.2 AMC HD 49.2 Fox Sports 2 HD
26.1 ReelzChannel 50.1 Big Ten Network HD
26.2 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD 50.2 Big Ten Network 
27.1 Hallmark Channel HD 51.1 Longhorn Network HD
27.1 Freeform HD 51.2 SEC Network HD
28.1 Disney Channel HD 52.1 ESPN HD
28.2 Disney XD 52.2 ESPN2 HD
29.1 Nickelodeon HD 53.1 ESPNews HD
29.2 Nickelodeon (West) 53.2 ESPNU HD
30.1 Nicktoons 60.1 POP TV
30.2 Cartoon HD 60.2 MLB Network
31.1 E! Entertainment HD 61.1 Teen Nick
31.2 Comedy Central HD 61.2 NASA Channel
32.1 Animal Planet HD 78 Analog Test Channel


Programming Guide

Channel 2.1 has been established as a Programming Guide Channel on the cable network. You can also go online to Enter 68849 as the zip code and select 'University of Nebraska at Kearney - Cable'.

Streaming Services

Watch Online Anytime

Do you have class in West Center or the Fine Arts Building and have a break in between classes?  Using your UNK credentials you can watch the cable network online from your computer or any smart device. 

DVR Functionality

With our cable provider, residence hall students have access to 20 hours of DVR storage.  You can set it to record your favorite show you may miss while attending Community Assembly or your favorite Loper sports team.  Besides being able to record your favorite shows, you can watch shows from the past 24 hours.

To watch online through your personal computer

  • Go online to Loper TV
  • Search for "University of Nebraska at Kearney" and select "next"
  •  Log in using your UNK Credentials
  • Read and accept the agreement 

To watch on a mobile device:

  1. Download the Stream2 App to your device.  (Download instructions can be found at
  2. Open app and select University of Nebraska Kearney as your institution.
  3. Login using your UNK Credentials.

Need assistance with the online streaming or with the Stream2 app.

  • Call: (833) 493-4897
  • Text: “MyStream2” to 84700
  • Chat:
  • FAQ’s:
  • Email:

Technical Issues

For assistance with setting up your cable channels, please contact your Resident Assistant, Graduate Hall Director, or Residence Hall Coordinator.

If at any time you find yourself having issues with the cable, you can report the issue by submitting a Helpdesk Online Request Form or if the problem is associated with your outlet, please call helpdesk support at 308-865-8363.