Flexible Meal Plans

Students have busy schedules, so forget about meal prep and dishes. Choose from three flexible Meal Plans with a designated number of visits to the main dining centers, as well as dollars for campus restaurants and coffee shops, all within walking distance.

All you care to eat – Visit as often as you want at the main dining centers until meals are exhausted. Meals To-Go are available at either location.

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Loper Plan
  • 220 Block Meals
  • 580 Dining Dollars = approx. 97 retail meals

By the week: 14 Block Meals + 6 Retail Meals = 20 meals/week

Gold Plan
  • 160 Block Meals
  • 460 Dining Dollars = approx. 77 retail meals

By the week: 10 Block Meals + 5 Retail Meals = 15 meals/week

Blue Plan
  • 120 Block Meals
  • 340 Dining Dollars = approx. 57 retail meals

By the week: 7 Block Meals + 4 Retail Meals = 11 meals/week

Dining Dollars – Added Value

  • Offers added value – Use like cash at all campus dining locations, similar to a debit card.

  • Dining Dollars can be used at campus retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, and catering.

  • With Dining Dollars, you have unrestricted daily use, in our dining halls and retail locations, until your account is used.

Frequently Asked Questions