Loft Rentals

Create more possibilities for your residence hall room by providing extra space and loft your bed with the only approved loft permitted in your room. Lofts DOUBLE the size of your room! The Office of Residence Life has partnered with College Products to bring functionality and personality to your residence hall room.

Mantor and Randall Halls are provided one loft kit standard per room at no additional cost! 

  • Mantor and Randall residence, please contact your roommate to coordinate setting up your room. 
  • If needed, an additional loft can be rented by clicking the below link.
How do I set up my College Products loft?

Click here for video Instructions 

Or click here for a flyer with instructions

College Products has a limited inventory and will be available at the Cope stadium parking lot beginning at 8 AM on Friday August 18, 2017.
Order your loft today at

Why rent a loft?

  • College Products lofts are delivered to your room and take only 5 minutes to set up, with no tools required.
  • Lofts create more possibilities for your residence hall room by providing extra space.
  • College Product’s lofts are made of 100% recyclable steel, which contributes to the University’s sustainability efforts.
  • If you order before July 31, you get a $20 Early Bird Discount.
  • Removal of loft at the end of contract period is included in the rental price.

To order a loft today, go to

Single Loft

New Loft 2017

Single Futon


Complete Room Set-up

Complete Room Set Up