Laundry, Internet, Cable TV

A New Spin on Campus Laundry

All residence halls have new laundry machines for Fall 2017!

No longer are the days of bringing rolls of quarters to the laundry room. ASI/Mac-Gray Campus Laundry Solutions is the only company dedicated solely to laundry solutions for colleges and universities and the provider at UNK. With a resident's per semester laundry fee, you have round the clock and unlimited access to your facility's laundry room with multiple washing machines and dryers. Only HE "High Efficiency" detergent is to be used in the machines. See Detergent 101 for helpful tips!

Using a mobile application called Laundry Alert, students can select a particular laundry room on campus and see which washers and dryers are in use, as well as how much time remains on the cycle.

Laundry Alert also provides information about how many people are waiting for machines to become available, and it provides a history of when a laundry room is the busiest so students can plan when the best time is to do their laundry.

To track and set up notifications for a laundry room on campus, go to and use the code UNK6173 to bring up a list of residence halls and machines.

To report malfunctioning or broken machines:


Secure W2 JoinNow is a new software the UNK ITS department has deployed for users to effortlessly and reliably connect to the eduroam wireless network. Start by clicking on the operating system of the device you want to connect.

  1. Download and run the program
  2. When prompted, enter your Full email address in the username text box and your EASI password

All residence halls have wireless internet service. If you are having difficulty connecting, please visit the ITS website for directions on how to connect or contact the Help Desk at 865-8363.

Cable TV

Cable Channels List
Including 62 High Definition channels and 92 overall!’
Residence Hall Channel Lineup
2 Analog Test Channel 32.2 Lifetime HD
2.1 DSI Channel Guide 33.1 We TV HD
2.2 TV Japan 33.2 Oxygen
3.1 PBS-HD   KLNE 34.1 Bravo HD
3.2 PBS World 34.2 Cooking Channel HD
3.3 Create 35.1 Food Network HD
11.1 CBS-HD   KGIN 35.2 HGTV HD
11.2 NBC-KSNB 36.1 Syfy Channel HD
11.3 MyNetwork TV    36.2 Travel Channel HD
13.1 ABC-HD   KHGI 37.1 BBC America HD
13.2 FOX-KFXL 37.2 TLC HD
14.1 KHAS - NBC 38.1 History Channel HD
14.2 Get TV 38.2 National Geographic HD
15.1 CNN HD 39.1 Discovery Channel HD
15.2 Bloomberg 39.2 Discovery Fit & Health
16.1 MSNBC HD 40.1 Weather Channel HD
16.2 CNBC HD 40.2 Velocity HD
17.1 Fox News Channel HD 41.1 Spike TV HD
17.2 HITN 41.2 BET HD
18.1 OWN 42.1 A&E HD
18.2 Univision 42.2 FX HD
19.1 CCTV News 43.1 USA Network HD
19.2 CCTV-E 43.2 TV Land 
20.1 AXS HD 44.1 tru-TV HD
20.2 Fuse HD 44.2 TV Games Network
21.1 VH1 HD 45.1 TBS HD
21.2 MTV HD 45.2 TNT HD
22.1 MTV2 46.1 FXX
22.2 FM 46.2 NBA TV
23.1 CMT HD 47.1 NHL Network HD
23.2 Laff Network 47.2 NFL Network HD
24.1 Pursuit 48.1 NBC Sports Network HD
24.2 ION Television (East) 48.2 CBS Sports Network HD
25.1 IFC HD 49.1 Fox Sports 1 HD
25.2 AMC HD 49.2 Fox Sports 2 HD
26.1 ReelzChannel 50.1 Big Ten Network HD
26.2 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD 50.2 Big Ten Network 
27.1 Hallmark Channel HD 51.1 Longhorn Network HD
27.1 Freeform HD 51.2 SEC Network HD
28.1 Disney Channel HD 52.1 ESPN HD
28.2 Disney XD 52.2 ESPN2 HD
29.1 Nickelodeon HD 53.1 ESPNews HD
29.2 Nickelodeon (West) 53.2 ESPNU HD
30.1 Nicktoons 60.1 HBO (West) HD
30.2 Cartoon HD 60.2 HBO 2 (West) 
31.1 E! Entertainment HD 61.1 HBO Comedy HD
31.2 Comedy Central HD 61.2 HBO Family HD
32.1 Animal Planet HD 116 Analog Test Channel
Programming Guide

Channel 2.1 has been established as a Programming Guide Channel on the cable network. You can also go online to Enter 68849 as the zip code and select 'University of Nebraska at Kearney - Cable'.

Technical Issues

For assistance with setting up your cable channels, please contact your Resident Assistant, Graduate Hall Director, or Residence Hall Coordinator.

If you are having problems with the cable connection, visit this FAQ page first: .  

If at any time you find yourself having issues with the cable, you can report the issue by submitting a Helpdesk Online Request Form or if the problem is associated with your outlet, please call helpdesk support at 308-865-8363.