Advising and Internal Transcripts

Advising Transcripts

Transcripts for advising purposes are issued to the student's advisor upon the advisor's request. Students cannot request unofficial copies of their transcripts and cannot receive unofficial copies over the counter or through the mail. There is no charge for the advising transcripts and the transcripts are marked "UNOFFICIAL."  Requests for advising transcripts should be made to the Office of University Registrar, 865-8527.

Student transcripts can be viewed online by using the Student Information System for courses taken during and the 1990-1991 academic year and all subsequent terms. Courses taken before that time and individual transfer courses prior to Fall Semester 1995 are not recorded in the system and a copy of the previous record must be requested from the Office of University Registrar at 308-865-8527. Advisors can view transcripts of their advisees and department chairpersons can view transcripts of students with primary majors in their department.

Athletic/Academic Honor Transcripts

Transcripts that are to be used for athletic/academic honors are processed at no charge. The athletic department must notify the Office of University Registrar of the individuals that will be considered for the athletic/academic honor. The student/student-athlete must fill out a transcript request card and sign it before the transcript will be released to the athletic department for such awards and honors. A notation on the request card should be made that the request is for an athletic/academic award.