The University of Nebraska Kearney is committed to supporting an inclusive campus. We are happy to announce that the student information system (MyBLUE) and the employee dashboard (Firefly) allow self-selection of the chosen name, gender identity, and pronouns.  Also, pronouns are available in both Canvas and Zoom.  We have several third-party systems that will eventually consume the pronouns and chosen names, and work with those responsible is ongoing. 

There may be nothing more personal than how people refer to us through our names and pronouns. Using a person’s chosen name and desired pronouns is a form of mutual respect and basic courtesy. In the workplace, employees should have the option of articulating their chosen name.

It’s important to remember that gender identity is not visible -- it’s an internal sense of one’s gender. While most people align across their birth-assigned sex, their gender identity, their gender expression, and how everyone else interprets their gender, some do not. A culture that readily asks or provides pronouns and chosen names is committed to reducing the risk of disrespect or embarrassment for both parties.

Please note that due to the relative newness of this project, some changes may take time to implement.  I would invite any student, faculty, or staff member to check out the Gender & Sexuality Resource Office or UNK Student Diversity & Inclusion websites. If folks are interested in setting up training for their class or department or receiving updated informational materials, please email or for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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