Academic Comeback

Your Academic Comeback is a program for First Year students who complete their first semester of their first year at UNK with under a 2.0 GPA, which places them on academic probation. This program is an essential piece of support that will help get students back on track academically, so that they can avoid academic suspension.

In this program, students will meet with a Comeback Coach, who are professionals in the offices of First Year Program, Learning Commons, Academic Advising and Career Development and Admissions. These coaches will work closely with these students and the Learning Commons tutors, and success coaches to ensure that they are utilizing resources to the best of their ability to make sure that they can make their first year COMEBACK!

Academic Probation/Suspension in the first year explained:

An under 2.0 GPA in the first semester means that the student is placed on academic probation.  There are several outcomes after probation....