Guide to VoIP Discovery Form

1.) Your full name.

2.) Your UNK email address.

3.) One benefit of Cisco's unified communication's solution is that more devices can be used as a phone. You can even make and take calls using your UNK phone number with your computer (i.e., a softphone) or smartphone (i.e., a mobile softphone).
  • Hardphone - a traditional desk phone
  • Softphone - a software application (Jabber) on your computer similar to Skype or Zoom
  • Mobile softphone - a mobile application (Jabber) on your smartphone

4.) If you selected a hardphone, you must indicate which phone you would like. Note that there is a cost differential in phones.
  • 7841 - a full-featured phone suitable for most users
  • 8851 - an advanced phone with color display, Bluetooth and additional line buttons

5.) Your IP address. There are several ways to determine your IP address, including the website

6.) If you selected a mobile softphone, you must indicate whether your smartphone is an iPhone or Android. These are the only two platforms supported at this time.

7.) Mobility features like single number reach and move-to-mobile offer a tighter integration with your cellular phone without disclosing its number.
  • Single Number Reach – provides users the ability to be reached via a single enterprise phone number that rings on both their VoIP phone(s) and their cellular phone simultaneously.
  • Move-to-Mobile – allows users to send an in-progress call to their cellular phone without losing the connection. The call can be moved back to the user's desk phone simply by hanging up the call on their cellular phone and picking it up on their desk phone.

8.) Voicemail service is included at no additional charge. Further, you may elect to receive your messages by email as an added convenience.

9.) Long distance access can be restricted. Please indicate the desired level of access for this number. Options include Campus, Local, National or International. There is no charge for long distance access, only usage.

10.) Please include any questions you may have or clarification of your responses to the questions above.