UNK Printing

UNK UNIPRINT is a combination of laser printers and software that permits any person on the UNK network to send print jobs from UNK owned computers to printers located in most buildings across campus.

  • All UNIPRINT printers are activated by swiping the UNK student ID card at the release station located by the UNIPRINT printer
  • Minimum print charges are 5 cents per page. Double-sided printing is 9 cents
  • All UNK students are credited $2.50 at the beginning of each semester
    • Unused money will not be carried over to the next semester
  • Additional printer credits may be purchased with Loper Dollars online or at any UNK ID Kiosk
    • UNK ID Kiosks are located at CTR Library and the Nebraska Student Union (NSU)
  • Print jobs may be retrieved anytime within 18 hours of being submitted to the designated printer

Non-Lab UNIPRINT Printers are located at:
  • Bruner Hall of Science - 2nd floor by email bar
  • CTR Library - several locations

WEPA Print Kiosks (Available January, 2018)

  •  Print at any kiosk by uploading your file to print on the WEPA website, using the mobile app, or sending it to a WEPA printing queue from a campus computer.
  • Locations: 
    • Calvin T. Ryan Library
    • Nebraskan Student Union Food Court
    • CTE
    • CTW
    • Antelope Hall
    • Mantor Hall
    • URS
    • West Center 115E
  • Black and white printing is 5 cents per page and 9 cents for a dual sided sheet.
  • Color printing is 35 cents per page and 68 cents for a dual sided sheet.