Grounds Services

Grounds Services provides landscape installations,tree care, maintenance and watering, pavement and hard surface maintenance, underground irrigation system installation and maintenance, exterior litter control, athletic field maintenance, grounds equipment maintenance, snow and ice removal, campus furniture and equipment moving, and campus special events setups.

The UNK Landscape Master Plan provides a road map for the university to develop a strong ‘sense of place’ that students, faculty, and staff identify with, while projecting a clear and uniquely vibrant image of the institution. The plan organizes the campus to provide a green, protected and contiguous campus core surrounded by academic buildings with roads and parking moved to the perimeter of the site. It provides for varied modes of transportation while creating an environment where the pedestrian is privileged, the built environment is accentuated, public art is integrated, infrastructure is respected, and the landscape is rich, varied, and maintainable, meeting the University’s goals for energy use and sustainability.

Campus Landscape Master Plan 

Grounds Supervisor

Richard Wardyn
Phone: (308) 865-1800

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