Trash/Recycling Pickup

Custodial Operations in Facilities has moved to a weekly recycle/trash removal system for offices and conference rooms. A large blue recycle can with a smaller black trash side car, is provided. This is an attempt to focus on recycling and consequently shift manpower away from the time spent in individual offices on a daily basis. Restrooms, classrooms, hallways etc. will continue to be trashed out every day. If you consume food in your office and the trash is not recyclable, please take it to an area close to you that will be dumped on a daily basis.

When will you empty trash?

  • Classrooms – daily
  • Restrooms—daily
  • Hallways/entries – daily
  • Offices – weekly;
  • Conference rooms – weekly

What do I need to do?

  • Throw recyclable materials in the larger blue container: plastic bottles, paper, etc.
  • Throw trash in the smaller black sidecar (Facilities staff will remove this material weekly)
  • Throw organic materials or containers (banana peels, tuna cans) in containers that will be emptied daily (rest rooms, hallways)