Class/Event Sign Up

Please do not let the price be the deciding factor as our trips have amazing intrinsic value that will provide lasting memories. 

UNK Bouldering League

Sign up today for our Spring Bouldering League! Starting on February 7th, league will run to the Wednesday before Spring Break. League is a great way to meet other climbers, improve as a climber, and makes the semester fly by. Bouldering League is a great way to get in shape for our competition that we will have later this semester (April 7th).





  • League starts Wednesday, February 7th
  • Sign up individually, we will formulate teams on the first week.
  • You are not required to climb at the same time as your team.

  • League lasts 6 weeks.
  • Team of 3 climb to earn points
  • Not every member of a team needs to be in the same division
  • If you do not have a team, do not let that stop you. We will find a team for you!
  • There are 3 divisions with 3 problems in each division
  • Scoring is handicapped to level the playing field. It is actually an advantage being a beginner climber!

Changes for this semester:
  • Scores can only be recorded on Wednesdays
  • We are not dropping your lowest score at the end of League

Belay Class/Skills Challenge

Climbing Wall Skills Class

Click the link below and select an open class. You will receive an email receipt for signing up with instructions on how to pay. Please show up to your scheduled class at least 5 minutes early with your student ID ready.

If you already have the skills to pass a belay course, ask your instructor if you can take a challenge test.

We are currently in the process of switching computer programs. If you are wanting to take a belay class, email Jacob at for registration instructions. We hope to have our new system up and running soon!

Policies, Refunds, & Cancellations

Pre-Trip Meeting

Pre-trip meetings are an important component of our OA trips. Often times, we hold this meeting a week before the trip departure. Our pre-trip meeting allows for the participants to meet the trip leaders as well as get to know the other participants.

Participants are given a trip itinerary, packing list, an awareness of risks inherent to the activity, education on avoiding hazards, and sometimes a chance to learn and practice necessary skills. Depending on the type of trip, the meal menu is also made during the pre-trip meeting.

If you cannot attend a pre-trip meeting, please let your trip leaders know as soon as possible.


If notice of cancellation is received before two weeks prior to the trip departure, registrants will receive a full refund. If notice is received prior to one week before the trip departure, 50% of the trip cost will be refunded. Notice of cancellation is received within a week of departure, there will be a forfeiture of all trip costs.

If you initiate a refund, expect the process to take a minimum to two weeks to receive the refund.


In the event that weather prevents us from safely travelling or participating in scheduled activities, we reserve the right to modify or terminate the trip. If poor weather finds us while we are on the trip, we will do our best to adjust the itinerary in a way that provides a similar experience to what we had planned. Sometimes that may not be possible and we may need to cancel the remaining activities and return home. We will do our best to keep all participants informed of weather in the weeks and days leading up to the trip. We will also do our best to keep all participants informed of potential changes during the trips.

The safety of our participants and staff are our highest priority.

Not Enough Participants

While we seek to fill all of the trips, sometimes that is not possible. In wanting to offer a broad array of experiences, we try to reduce costs by bringing larger groups of participants. If the trip does not have enough participants to cover the costs in an affordable manner for the trip participants, we will cancel the trip. If a trip is canceled, we will refund the trip cost to you.

Want to make sure a trip you have signed up for doesn’t get canceled? Help us by recruiting your friends and spreading the word of our Outdoor Adventure Trips.