Montessori Education

At the Plambeck Center, there are two classrooms dedicated to Montessori education. One toddler (ages 18 months through 3 years) and one preschool (3-6 year olds) class. The preschool class opened January 2021 and the toddler class is projected to open in 2021. Each of these classrooms will follow the core components of Montessori education including: a Montessori-credentialled teacher, a full complement of Montessori materials dedicated to hands-on learning, child-directed work, and an uninterrupted work period.  Montessori classrooms are beautifully prepared and aesthetically pleasing environments, dedicated to the needs of the age group at hand.  Most lessons in a Montessori classrooms are given one-on-one or in a small group, rarely in a large group setting.  Children in a Montessori classroom are free to select their activities and may work on the floor on mats or at child-sized tables.  Teachers in a Montessori classroom act as a guide to the children, to model learning activities so that the child develops independence and becomes fully engaged in work on their own.

The Toddler Montessori classroom will provide opportunities for self-care, care of the environment, large motor activities, fine motor skills, language, and social skills.  Montessori teachers at the toddler level are specially trained to work with this age group and toddler curriculum.  Montessori teachers observe and provide an individualized curriculum to each toddler in their class, based on their needs and skill levels.  Adults support toddlers in their burgeoning use of language to communicate and their growing independence.

The Preschool Montessori classroom will provide young children ages 3-6 the opportunities to develop order, concentration, coordination, and independence through the use of Montessori materials in the areas of math, language, cultural, practical life, and sensorial.  Children at this age learn through small group and individual academic and social-emotional lessons from Montessori teachers, using the Montessori materials.  In this child-led environment, young children have the opportunity to repeat, practice, and master the concept and skills within each specially-designed material.  The multi-age classroom also provides the opportunities for younger children to learn from older more skilled children.