Request Mailing of Credential File and Online Payment Link

To Request Mailing of Credential File, click here to access the Credential Request Form.

  1. Fill out the top with your contact information (We no longer require the signature).
  2. Fill out the Administrative Title/Name, School Name, Email address and the school’s address information.
  3. If you do not have an email address for the school district, select Mail. Otherwise ALL mailings will be sent electronically.
  4. Submit to Academic & Career Services using one of the Form Submission Methods (see below).

Hint: It is suggested that you download the form to keep track of how many requests you have made.

Credential File Payment

  • Click here to pay online. Once you have made payment please send receipt to
  • If paying by check, make checks payable to UNK Academic & Career Services.
  • Prepayment will be required before any credential file will be sent out.
    • The cost is $35 for 7 mailings.
    • Once you have used your 7 mailings, you may opt to pay $35 for another 7 mailings, or pay $15 each time you want to request one mailing.

      Method Contact Information
      By Mail Academic & Career Services
      MSAB #140
      Kearney NE 68845
      By Fax 308-865-8882
      By Email

      MSAB #140