UNK Email


A Microsoft Office365 product, LoperMail is your official UNK email account. Submitting this orientation initiates the automatic creation of your LoperMail email address. Your LoperMail address will be included in the follow-up email you receive after submission of this orientation.

Once created your UNK LoperMail address is permanently listed in your MyBLUE under the "profile" tab. LoperMail login will use:

Username - full UNK email address, including @unk.edu or @lopers.unk.edu

Password - TrueYou

  • UNK students are required to use UNK’s email system
    • All University related correspondence will be sent to your LoperMail.
  • Canvas can only send emails to your LoperMail.
  • This is the only place your student bill will be delivered.

If you need help or have email specific question, contact the UNK IT Help Desk at 308-865-8363 or email unkhelpdesk@unk.edu

ATTENTION:  Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is now required for UNK services including your UNK email

Setting 2FA on your UNK email on Mobile Device


If you are using the integrated mail apps such as Gmail for Android and Mail App on iOS on your mobile device, it may continue to ask you for your UNK password and indicate your password is incorrect.  See solution below!


Download the Microsoft Outlook app to your mobile device and follow directions to set up your UNK account.   All UNK email will go through Outlook on your device.