Welcome to UNK

CONGRATULATIONS on your admission to UNK, we are very excited to have you as one of our newest students!

To complete the orientation move through the categories listed on the right-hand side of the screen. After reviewing all content complete the "Orientation Quiz." Lastly, fill out and submit the e-form. Completing this orientation will satisfy your orientation obligation and:

1) notify the Registrars Office to officially evaluate/load any transfer credit you may have earned (official final transcripts required)

2) assures you are assigned to an academic advisor

3) triggers the creation of your UNK email address (LoperMail)

4) initiates removal of student account holds that keep you from being able to enroll

In addition, this information is essential to your immediate and continued success at UNK.  

A follow-up email will be sent to you no later than the Monday after your orientation has been submitted (unless completed over the weekend). The follow-up will include your: LoperMail email address - assigned academic advisor(s) - any holds needing attention - and instructions for setting up your advising/enrolling appointment. 

Accessing the platforms covered (LoperMail, Canvas, Handshake) is not a function of this orientation. First you need access to your LoperMail which will be provided in the follow-up email you receive. 

If you feel you may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability you should contact the Office of Academic Success at (308) 865-8214, Memorial Student Affairs Building #163.