Mentoring Program

The mission of the TRIO-SSS Mentor Program is to promote student independence by coaching connections for services, to encourage persistence, and to foster a spirit of personal growth.  Academic Mentors and volunteer Peer Mentors meet throughout the fall semester with TRIO-SSS new freshmen in a structured mentoring program.  Academic and Peer Mentors develop their leadership skills by attending Mentor Program training meetings throughout the semester. Mentoring pairs address issues such as getting involved on campus, becoming familiar with the services and resources at UNK, and learning the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom. 

Academic Mentors

Academic Mentors provide individualized academic support and guidance for program students. Academic Mentors focus primarily on providing peer mentoring to program students. AM’s also provide practical upperclassmen advice and other resources to assist students with feeling at home on the UNK campus. The Academic Mentors are an integral part of Student Support Services as they assist TRIO-SSS staff with many different tasks including various research projects, focus groups, office coverage, and event planning.  Student Support Services’ participants are encouraged to apply for Academic Mentor appointments, as these positions help students develop leadership skills and provide opportunities to grow personally, obtain professional development experiences, and increase the probability that they will be successful graduates.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors also provide individualized academic support and guidance for program students through the Mentoring Program. Peer Mentor's volunteer their time during the fall semester to serve as positive influences to new freshmen students. The Peer Mentors are very important to Student Support Services as the Mentoring Program would not be possible without their generosity and assistance. Although Peer Mentor's generally do not assist with office assignments, they often participate in TRIO-SSS programming events and attend additional professional and leadership opportunities. 

Mentor Requirements

Academic Mentor Requirements                                  Peer Mentor Requirements 

3.0 cumulative GPA                                                         2.0 cumulative GPA
Sophomore student standing                                           Sophomore student standing
Active SSS participant                                                     Active SSS participant (preferred)
Current UNK student                                                       Current UNK student

If you would like more information about the TRIO-SSS Mentoring Program or are interested in being an Academic or Peer Mentor please contact the TRIO-SSS Mentor Program Coordinator.