Global Loper Program

Want to Become a Mentor?

The role of a Global Loper (mentor) is to help new international students connect with our campus, culture, and one another. You could play an invaluable role lopers hockeyin aiding in their transition (while gaining skills and experiences that will help you with your future plans), and have a lot of fun in the process.

As a Global Loper, you will be a representative of UNK and International Student Services. Your responsibility will be to:

  • Assist first year students with their transitions
  • Facilitate and/or execute meetings, attend programs and events with your mentees
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with your mentees during the semester
  • Participate in program-wide events
  • Communicate one on one with your mentees
  • Attend trainings and development sessions

If you are a current UNK student and would like to become a mentor to a new international student, please read the below Program Description and complete the Application on the second tab. You will need to have at least one reference accompanying your application. Please download the Mentor Program Description and Reference Form. This form should be returned to Ockinga Room 100 by November 20th.

Program Description

global lopersThe Global Loper program, under the direction of the International Student Services Office, is designed to become an integral part of welcoming first year international students to the University of Nebraska Kearney campus. The main objective of the program is to assist new students in adapting to a new environment and a different academic system. The program is intended to bring current and new international students closer together in order to increase cross-cultural experiences with each group.

Once selected, Global Lopers will go through training where they will learn about diversity, ethics, and active listening. After training, Global Lopers will be the direct contact person for a small group of new international students. Global Lopers will be assigned their students prior to New International Student Orientation. They will then have a schedule of meetings and activities throughout the semester that focuses on cultural adjustment, immigration information, and campus activities.

Global Lopers will become intercultural leaders who support new international students with their knowledge and expertise. They will be essential to the process of welcoming new students and helping them acculturate to their new environment.

Position Requirements

  • Attend a training session in April (Date to be announced).
  • Communicate clearly and are comfortable speaking to a small group
  • Participate in campus activities with mentors and students during the Spring 2021 semester.
  • Availability for periodic in-person meetings with students throughout the spring semester.
  • Available to be on campus starting on August 21st, 2021 to meet new students during New International Student Orientation.


Global Loper Testimonials

hockeyThis semester was my first one as a Global Loper. I got many friends from different countries through this program. As well, I think my English gets better because of this program since I had to speak a lot in front of my students! Every single event was so fun and I'm willing to continue Global Lopers next semester too! Aoi Hoshiko

I personally like to see new international students get used to the campus life and learn new things. I hope that the program works well for them and want to build it up to one of the best programs at UNK. Yoshiaki Kasugahara

I would highly suggest becoming a Global Loper because it expands your horizons, allows yhockeyou to make new and lasting friendships, helps welcome new international students to Kearney, and helps you learn about other cultures and countries. Kathrine Anielak

This program is not only beneficial in the sense that these students receive the help and guidance they may need, but it also serves as a setting in which they can make connections with other international and domestic students, which in my opinion is one thing that makes a study abroad experience complete. I cannot express how necessary this program is to UNK's incoming international students. I think it makes their transition a lot smoother and their time in Nebraska much more comfortable. As a Global Loper leader, I feel that if I was even able to change one of my student's lives or make their stay here better, I have achieved what I set out to do. Shay Piper

The Global Loper program gives you many experiences of cultural difference and also gives you opportunities to understand those differences. All new students have different backgrounds from you and your country. You can see how your world is expanding and understanding why you are at UNK.
Kenshiro Maeda

huangGoing to college is already a big transition in life, not to mention when it includes attending a college in a different country.  As an international student, I know how big this challenge is. As a Global Loper leader, I also would like to say the Global Lopers program is truly one of the best programs I have done on campus! You will never regret joining us and sharing your own experiences with this great family.  Zhishen Huang

Global Lopers is an amazing opportunity to build friendships with people from other countries. It was incredible to be a part of such a wonderful organization where I was helping students adjust to life in America. I loved every minute of it. Ashley Bruhacushing