Academics and Deadlines

Experiential Learning

Due to the continued outbreak of COVID-19 in most areas of the world, including the state of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska discourages students from participating in in-person experiential learning activities during the summer of 2020. Students who choose to participate in in-person activities this summer are aware of the potential risks that exposure to the novel virus poses to their health and safety, that the University of Nebraska is unable to mitigate those risks, and that participation in those in-person activities does not create any liability on behalf of the University of Nebraska. The University encourages students to work directly with any non-University organizations through which the student will be completing in-person experiential learning activities to explore methods of completing those activities through remote or other non in-person means. The University encourages all students to know, understand, and follow the guidance from local governments and local health departments in the area where students may be participating in in-person activities, particularly since that guidance can change rapidly

Academic Probation and Suspension Spring 2020

Undergraduate students who are struggling academically and have a term or cumulative GPA below 2.0 at the end of the Spring 2020 semester should contact the Office of Academic Advising and Career Development. No students will be moved to probation or suspended from the university as a result of grades earned for the Spring 2020 semester; however, grades from this semester will affect your GPA and impact your future academic standing.  Eligible students can be removed from academic probation.

Federal financial aid recipients are still subject to Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. Students may be suspended from receiving Federal financial aid as a result of the spring semester. The Office of Financial Aid will notify students by email if they are suspended. An appeal option will be provided.

Spring 2020 Deadlines Extended

We realize that students and parents are anxious about the impact the transition to remote learning may have on course grades.  One consequence of this uncertainty may be that the students wish to do a late change from a grade to a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) option or to withdraw from the course.  We’ve extended the deadline for both to April 24th

Withdrawal Deadline Extended to April 24

Students that wish to withdraw from a course(s) must complete this transaction on MyBLUE.  Only courses that end after 4/24/20 will be eligible for withdrawal.  A grade of “W” will be notated on the student’s transcript which indicates a withdrawal.  

Before your Withdraw the following could be impacted

  • Financial Aid –Please contact the UNK Financial Aid Office at if you have any questions.
  • Degree Progress – Contact your Academic Advisor to discuss the impact on your degree progression.
  • Student Athlete – Before you withdraw please contact Rachael Page at

Credit/No Credit Extended to April 24 

Due to the many implications that Credit/No Credit grading has for students, instructors may not request to move an entire class to a credit/no credit grading scheme. Instead, we have extended the deadline to allow individual undergraduates the opportunity to change their grades in one or more specific courses to credit/no credit. Undergraduates must consult with an advisor who can help them understand the consequences of doing so. The new deadline for students to exercise this option will be April 24th, which is the same as the extended deadline for withdrawals.  Application for Change of Grade Option to Credit/No Credit – Spring 2020 Only