Hot Topics with a Pastor Night

February 23, 2021
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
Joy's Table

The purpose of this event is to be a safe, hospitable forum where students of all backgrounds and beliefs can ask questions about the Christian faith and its approach to a number of issues.

We hope that Christian students can grow in their confidence regarding what they believe and why, and that those who are not Christian can explore their questions.

We value: Honesty & Respect & Truth

This is not a debate. We agree to show respect and will not shame, corner or bully anyone intellectually. We expect the same of everyone in the audience.

Format: Pastor John will share his background and story a bit. Then we open up for questions. These are written anonymously on note cards and handed in. Questions not answered will be answered later on the Every Moment His podcast or another event.

We will follow Covid policies as directed at the restaurant. For questions, email Megan, Director of Holy Cross Campus Ministry at

Megan Barone