Intersections of Identity: A Slam Poetry Event

February 21, 2020
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Arts and Sciences BGW Campus Events Students
Antelope Room

Alexandria Gurley, a slam poet, will be coming to campus. The event will consist of 30 minutes of her spoken poetry and 45 minutes of keynote speaking about the importance of cultural diversity. The purpose of the event is to explore the notion of intersectionality, or how the intersection of different identities shapes people’s life experiences, and why that is important to take into account on a daily basis.

A description of the keynote she will present:

The Importance of Being Culturally Competent

We live in an extremely diverse and quickly changing community, speaking locally, domestically, and globally. It is becoming increasingly important and necessary to be culturally competent especially with respect to understanding other people’s cultures, traditions, customs, and language (ie. Being bilingual as a job requirement). This presentation will begin with a brief overview of the lexicon in cultural competency and venture into answering the question of why it’s important. The implications for some are life and death. We will visit themes of ally ship, privilege, and prejudice.

Erica Con