6 Tips To Get You Through Dead Week

Posted: November 28, 2018 12:00:00 AM CST

willy wonka dead week meme about finals coming up

Dead week and finals can be a difficult time of the semester – we can all relate! Hours of your time are spent studying and it can be very overwhelming for many students. If you’re struggling or anxious about the next two weeks, here are some tips to help you get through the chaos!

  1. Eliminate distractions and don’t study in your room.
    Silence your phone…or even better yet, don’t take it with you! Also, studying in your room can be a big distraction. Especially in your bed. You will end up looking at your phone or literally anything else in your room to avoid doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Check out the library on campus or sit down at a coffee shop to get some studying time in. If being with other people while you’re studying distracts you, let your friends know that you’re sorry, but you can’t hang out with them and that you need to be alone. It’s okay! They will understand.
  2. Do not cram last minute!
    Pacing yourself while you’re studying is healthy. If you study last minute, it’s very difficult for your brain to retain that information. It’s best to study a little bit each day (Campus Explorer). Study for about an hour at a time!
  3. Study small portions at a time.
    If you have a lot of homework to do and you feel like you have little time to do it, don’t worry! Study in small portions. You will feel more accomplished if you get something done each day. If you are writing a paper, write a paragraph or a page a day (The Princeton Review). It makes you feel like you did something without freaking you out about the deadline.
  4. Create a routine.
    If you set out a certain time for each day you are going to do your homework, you will feel more motivated to do it (The Princeton Review). The same goes for going to the gym! It really works!
  5. Look over your notes each night.
    Reading over your notes for a few minutes before bed each night can be extremely beneficial. Your brain will start to retain the information more and more. Interacting with your notes, such as highlighting important things or editing things, will help you remember them, too (The Princeton Review)!
  6. Take breaks!
    Studying constantly is not good for your brain. Take a ten-minute break every hour or so of studying. It’s also very productive to take a day off if you need it as well (Campus Explorer). Breaks help calm you down and get back into your zone if you are having a hard time focusing. If you’ve been sitting for a long time, getting up and walking around for a few minutes is definitely good for your health!

    You’re almost to the end of the semester – keep going…you can do it!! UNK Peer Health encourages you to keep these tips in mind to help you get through the next couple of weeks. Good luck with Dead Week and happy studying!


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