5 Health Tips You Need to Know About Today

Posted: November 27, 2018 8:00:00 AM CST

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By: Justine Bauer

Staying up on health news can be hard, so here are five of the tips and trick you need to start living a healthier lifestyle today.

1. Make the time to write a thank you.

Your mom has always to told you to write a thank you to your Great-Aunt Gertrude for giving you a sweater on your birthday you know that you will never wear. While your mom was trying to make you into a good person, she was also looking out for your mental health, as well as Great-Aunt Gertrude’s. Research now shows that writing thank you cards is one of the easiest ways to improve both the mental health of the writer and the recipient. It was found that both parties had improved moods after either writing or receiving a thank you card (Ducharme, 2018a). So, the next time you are feeling blue, pull out a blank thank you and finally tell Great-Aunt Gertrude how awesome she is for getting you that pink cat sweater. 

2. Save the gym membership, and just buy a pair of running shoes.

Exercising at a gym or club can be expensive. However, new research has shown that with just a pair of running shoes you can burn the most calories and save your wallet (Heid, 2018). They found the best way to burn calories is through vigorous exercise and that one can stick with for a long stretch of time. For the average American, this was through running (Heid, 2018).  However, if running isn’t your thing, consider throwing on your running shoes and using an elliptical, power-walking around your neighborhood, or even going on a bike ride.

3. Go ahead and have that chocolate milk instead of skim milk.

Everybody knows that the best chocolate milk is made with whole milk rather than skim milk.  For years people have stressed that it was better for your health if you made your chocolate milk using skim milk. However, research is now showing that there is no direct link between whole dairy products and an increased chance of developing cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes, compared to lighter options (Ducharme, 2018b). This research also emphasizes that those who consume whole dairy products may gain less weight than those who don’t (Ducharme, 2018b). While this new research is exciting, it is still important to remember that one serving of whole chocolate milk is different than drinking the whole gallon. When you open your fridge to grab your chocolate milk, remember that moderation is key.

4. Drop the weights and pick up a tennis racket.

Even if you can’t hang with Serena Williams in a tennis match, playing tennis may be able to add years to your life. Research has found that those who participate in partner or team sports tend to live longer than those who complete in solitary activities (Ducharme, 2018c). Playing tennis as a regular source of exercise can add up to 9.7 years to your life, compared to health club activities that may only add 1.5 years (Ducharme, 2018c). The team aspect of tennis can help improve your physical and mental health, something that traditional solitary health club activities can’t offer.

5. Carbs are friends not enemies.

One of the first foods that gets cut from plates across America during diets is carbohydrates.  However, despite their often-bad reputation, new research has found that eliminating carbs from one’s daily diet is not actually the best option. When examined in the long run, it was found that low-carb diets can lead to an increase in mortality by 32% (Ducharme, 2018d). This does not give you the green light to binge on carbs during your next meal. It is still recommended that you maintain a moderate carbohydrate intake that falls within regular daily values. 



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By: Justine Bauer

Category: General, Psychology

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