Celebrating Strides in Distance Learning

Posted: November 6, 2017 12:00:00 PM CST

Distance learning graphicThis week is National Distance Learning Week—a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our online students and the great strides in distance learning that support their success. I am pleased to recognize a few points of pride that have led the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) to excel in online learning.

I am proud of program development for students who are unable to come to campus.

Online programs have made it possible for UNK to extend its reach beyond the Central Nebraska region to serve people in all 50 states and several countries. Because of the continuing development of new online programs each year, UNK is meeting educational needs for professionals in a growing number of fields. More than 1,800 students each semester are working toward completing their degrees entirely online in one of our 70 online program options.

On the horizon, UNK will continue to offer more distance learning programs and courses, particularly in the undergraduate area. The Bachelor of Science in Social Work has recently launched as an online offering, and the Bachelor of Arts in History will be available soon. Every semester, online general studies courses are added to the schedule to accommodate students in online undergraduate degree programs. 

I am proud of the quality of instruction and support that online students receive.

Because of our innovative and dedicated faculty and staff, UNK has a reputation of putting students first. Online students at UNK receive the same high quality education and access to student resources as on-campus students. These resources include a 24/7 Help Desk, academic advising, library resources, career services, and technology tutorials.

UNK eCampus also offers learning opportunities for faculty and staff who teach or support online education offerings. Our instructional designers provide best practices trainings and workshops that assist instructors in maximizing learning effectiveness and the online learning experience for students.

I am proud of online students who are balancing their education, family, and career.

Many of our online students work full time, have family obligations, and are unable to travel to pursue their education. In fact, many online students, along with their families, travel long distances to attend UNK’s graduation ceremony when they complete their program. Often, it is the first time they have been on campus and the first time to meet their professors in person. It is a time to celebrate students’ achievements that would not have been possible without their immense determination or the access to education through distance learning. 

Knowing that UNK has made a positive impact on people through distance learning is both gratifying and inspiring. Join us in the celebration of National Distance Learning Week by exploring our online programs and getting started on the next step in your education—no matter where you are. 

By: Gloria Vavricka

Category: General, eCampus

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