When a Love of Books and Technology Collide

Posted: April 10, 2017 12:15:00 PM CDT

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From an early age, we picture local librarians as those who lend our most beloved titles. Many librarians not only have a love of books and reading, but they also serve as technical resources in schools and communities. During National Library Week, April 10-14, we celebrate the story of these educators who let their passion for books and technology collide.

Librarians play a particularly significant educational role in the lives of children. In the digital age of social media, Wikipedia, and Google, finding credible sources that are reliable can be a challenge for many students who are just learning how to write their first research papers. Whether in school or community settings, librarians empower young learners to understand how to effectively access and utilize information during their learning process. In many ways, they set a foundation that can support students throughout their education and into adulthood.

The continuing need to connect people with credible information—for both educational and personal use—is one reason the employment outlook for librarians is set to rise. The passion for books and information is already there, but today's rapidly changing technology creates new challenges and opportunities to bring those resources to patrons.

Many school librarians start their careers as teachersWith national recognitions received, the online PK-1School Librarian Endorsement at UNK is a career option for educators who already hold a teaching certificate and want to combine a librarian skill set with technological expertise. The 30-credit-hour endorsement program is offered online with no residency required, preparing future school librarians to develop and manage technology and print resources that facilitate teaching and learning in their school library. 

The endorsement can also be applied toward UNK's online master’s degree in Instructional Technology. This 36-credit-hour online degree helps students understand and relate to the 21st century learnerequipping students with additional technology tools and expertise for their classroom or school library. With field experience required, the program allowstudents to apply what they learn in the online environment to their own professional setting.  

National Library Week is a great time to consider a school librarian career and to thank librarians for all they do within our schools and communities. Through their passion, they help us access knowledge and skills that make a lasting impact. 

By: Alyssa Wyant

Category: General, eCampus

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