Tech EDGE Spring 2017 Conference Inspires Pre-Service Teachers

Posted: March 21, 2017 12:00:00 AM CDT

The College of Education hosted the Tech Edge Spring 2017 Conference for teachers and pre-service teachers interested in learning new ways to use technology in the classroom. The conference included 16 speakers from UNK and public schools across Nebraska. The purpose of the conference is to inspire our future teachers and encourage conversations between in-service and pre-service teachers on cutting edge teaching practices that are impacting education today. The conference brings together pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators for an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas on the latest educational trends. Comments from our UNK pre-service teachers on their experience attending our spring conference include:

"After going to the Tech Edge conference there were many things that I took away. Many of the things presented at the conference I knew about and some I had even used in high school. However, in high school I only got to see the student side of these applications that were presented. This conference allowed me to see many of the tools a teacher has to use through all these great applications. All of the applications push engagement in the classroom and promote students to collaborate with each other. Google Classroom is one of my favorite applications because it very easy to use and google is keeping all of their products up to date and work with teachers to make it user friendly. All in all I am glad I was able to attend this conference. I gained a lot of knowledge that I can one day apply to a classroom of my own."

Dylan Nicol, Natural & Social Sciences-Social Science 7-12

"Tech Edge 2017 was very informative! So much fun meeting teachers and hearing about their classroom experiences!"

Megan Gifford, Fine Arts & Humanities-English 7-12

"I truly enjoyed attending the tech edge conference for the first time this year. It was very eye opening to me and I broadened my knowledge and understanding of technology. I loved the opening speaker, Breanne Campbell, and how she talked about the flip side of technology because nothing does work out perfect and not everyone is going to like technology, and I being a teacher one day need to know how to incorporate technology to all students. I also learned about more valuable tools from all the other speakers there and will definitely be using some in my future classroom. In addition I really enjoyed this conference because it not only taught me things I didn't know, but also was a good event that will be useful to pre-service teachers in years to come."

Molly Willis, Elementary Education Field K-6

""I enjoyed the conference. I was able to meet teachers who are excellent in using technology in the classrooms. I learned that some teachers could have a tough time integrating technology at first, but the key is to not give up. It gets easier and teachers are be able to work it out."

Ramsey Hunt, Middle Grades 4-9.

The next Tech EDGE conference is planned for spring 2018.

By: Martonia Gaskill

Category: Education

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