5 Tips for Time Management in Online Courses

Posted: March 28, 2017 9:50:00 AM CDT

Time managementFamily, career, community, and on top of it all—a degree. Doing it all is tough, but it’s possible with strategic time management. Here are some tips from UNK eCampus to help balance your busy schedule:

  1. Lighten your load. Taking on an ambitious course load is admirable, but too many credits per semester could be the source of a strained schedule. Talk with your advisor or a faculty member about a feasible load based on your existing commitments. It’s okay to start with fewer classes. You can build up to take more the following semester as you get a feel for the time you’ll need.

  2. Look ahead. Seeing your whole semester at a glance can be daunting, but looking ahead keeps big deadlines on your radar screen from the start. Even if you can’t complete an assignment right away, familiarize yourself with the details so you know what you’ll be doing later. It leaves more time to brainstorm your approach before actually getting started.

  3. Multi-task. Small pockets of time can make the difference in catching up or getting ahead. Try to utilize some time during your lunch break, a commute (if you’re not the driver), or while waiting for an appointment. Online course accessibility makes it easier to connect from your phone or tablet while you’re on the go. Free Wi-Fi in many public places can be a lifesaver.

  4. Ask for help. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan ahead, things don’t happen the way you expected. And when (not if) you know that an assignment deadline is just wishful thinking, communicate with your instructor as early as possible. It’s better to be open and talk through how to proceed together. You are never alone in trying to reach success in your class.

  5. Recharge. A little rest and relaxation is critical in managing time commitments overall. If you’re burnt out going into your next assignment, it can affect both the project and your health. Plan to step away from your next class obligation after meeting a big deadline, if time allows. Enjoy family, friends, the outdoors, or a personal hobby—just for you.    

Above all, remember that balancing school with everything else is possible, even when life feels like a race against the clock. It’s always the right time to keep going. Contact UNK eCampus for more resources for online course success.

By: Rosanna Vail

Category: General, eCampus

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