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Posted: December 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM CST

As everyone finishes Fall semester and prepares for finals, stress can build up. Combine that with the Holidays and the stress cake is baked. I think this is the perfect time to address ways to de-stress. The following are a few ideas:

  1. Get some exercise, walk, run, or bike, even for 5 minutes - this gets endorphins going, melting away doubts and fears.
  2. Take a few moments for deep breathing exercises, a few minutes of completely emptying your lungs relaxes the mind and body.
  3. Stay in the present: if you look at everything you need to complete this month it’s overwhelming. Instead, just look at what needs to be accomplished today, looking at 1 day as opposed to 30 days makes things manageable. (Personally, I made a list of what I need to accomplish each day and then cross it off when it’s completed, it provides a visual that I find reinforcing.)
  4. Let your feelings out: talk to a good friend, family member, or counselor about how you feel, don’t keep it bottled inside. Another good option is to write about your feelings, start journaling.
  5. Catch a break and listen to music, hang out with friends, or do something else you love. Take time to laugh. Give yourself permission to just enjoy yourself for an hour or two.

I’d love to know if any of these help you, I know I personally find them beneficial. Here are some stress re-reducing thoughts from UNK students:

Alexis and Heather reliving stress

"It's all about BALANCE. We make time for what is important: school, down-time, work, and sleep. School is of great importance, but as a student; we cannot forego a little leisure time. We begin each day with a few miles, put in our best effort throughout the day, clock a few hours of quality work, and end the day with a couple episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Lastly, and of utmost importance; is a GOOD nights sleep. THAT is how we keep treading the college waters."

Heather Moorehouse & Alexis Thompson

By: Sheryl Feinstein

Category: Education

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