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Posted: October 24, 2016 8:00:00 AM CDT

"Everyone should strive to be a citizen of the world. Boundaries were created by man."

-Suzy Kassam

Japan, Germany, Columbia, and Saudia Arabia we are fortunate at UNK to have students from all of these countries on campus this year! In fact we have students from over 30 countries joining us to study. Fortunately, this international exchange is a two way street with many UNK students participating in study abroad programs. For convenience I’m including links to the various international experiences you can find on campus:

  1. Study Abroad
  2. International Student Organizations (domestic students are welcome to join these organizations and participate in their activities and events/festivals)

If you’ve never studied abroad I hope you put it on your radar while you’re here at UNK. It’s an opportunity for a unique educational experience, to grow and learn, while stretching your views of people and the world.

Bridge in MoldovaCollege of Education is particularly excited this Fall to host Professor Olga Morozan from Moldova. For those of you who have never heard of Moldova it’s located in Eastern Europe, it use to be part of the Soviet Union, and is geographically surrounded by Romania, Ukraine, and Russia.

Professor Morozan is here as a Fulbright Scholar. The Fulbright mission is to enhance cultural exchange, so expect to see Professor Morozan guest lecturing in classes, conducting workshops and offering conversation groups.

As a heads up to undergraduate students: you also have Fulbright opportunities as English teachers or researchers in countries around the world. If you’re interested in spending a year in Thailand, Norway, or Tanzania – to name a few, be sure to contact me during your junior year at UNK. The actual international experience takes place the year after graduation, however, you need to apply the summer following your junior year.

Students in Tanzania

I’m going to devote the next section of my blog to sharing “what was best” about one of my international experience. If you’ve traveled abroad, join the conversation.

What was best!

Dean Feinstein wears a traditional Moldovan scarf, a gift from Cristina, a friend she met in Moldova

"Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and friendly countries I’ve ever visited – I highly recommend it! One night I was sleeping in a hut in a small village when I heard people clapping garbage lids together – it was to scare away elephants, a bit out of the norm for Nebraska! That being said, the larger cities have wonderful hotels with all the amenities. Fresh bananas, walking streets, warm weather, and beautiful music and dance are some of the extraordinary memories I have from Tanzania. They love Americans, they are excited to spend time talking or sharing a meal with us and they are very eager to learn about the USA. There is a wonderful International School in Moshi, if you’re interested in teaching for a year or more, let me know and I’ll help you make contacts."

- Dean Feinstein

By: Sheryl Feinstein

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