What’s happening in KSS- Health and Physical Education?

Posted: September 9, 2016 12:00:00 AM CDT

Kids fitness nutrition day

Nebraska Kids Fitness and Nutrition day is coming up on September 16th! This event will take place on campus on Foster Field and in the Health and Sports Center. There will be 750 4th grade students from Kearney and surrounding area schools participating in interactive nutrition lessons and physical activity games. Approximately 200 UNK students will volunteer to make this event possible. Nebraska Kids Fitness and Nutrition Day is put on through the collaboration between the Exercise Science and Health and Physical Education programs.

Physical activity class

Pre-K children from the UNK Preschool will be attending physical activity class taught by Elementary teacher education majors who are currently enrolled in PE 340. Eled majors will have the opportunity to teach a classroom activity incorporating physical activity into the learning process. UNK faculty is welcome to observe these teachers in action MWF from 10:10-11:00 September 19th to the 30th.

IHT Spirit SystemHealth and Physical Education students will be learning about the state of the art Interactive Health Technologies wristbands on September 12th. These wristbands conveniently track student heart rate and physical activity and also provide feedback to teachers on their effectiveness of maintaining high physical activity levels of students in their teaching. UNK-HPE is the first University in the country utilizing this technology to help assess method students and is on the cutting edge of technology infused PhysEd classrooms.

Smart Wristbands

These wristbands will be used to deliver personalized learning to students while measuring a PE program’s effectiveness when our students teach home school Phys Ed, as they teach their own class in their methods course at Zion Lutheran School, and in the future will be utilized as an assessment tool in the field while student teaching.

Home school Physical Education will begin after Fall Break on October 28th. Parents will begin registering their children at the beginning of October.

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