Tech Edge UNK Fall Conference

Posted: September 30, 2016 12:00:00 AM CDT

The second Tech Edge UNK conference was held in the College of Education on September 24th. The event is a partnership between UNK and UNL Teacher Education to bring together university instructors, in-service teachers, administrators, and pre-service teachers for an opportunity to share and learn new ideas. The goal is to empower teachers to be effective and confident using new technologies to prepare the students of Nebraska and beyond to participate and lead in tomorrow’s global society. It is rewarding to hear how this professional development inspires our pre-service teachers.

"Relationships with students is much more valuable than the amount of content covered. Jay Dostal's approach to teaching by thinking differently and trying new things got me anxious and excited to get out and teach!"

Alison Rowse, Elementary Education

Pablo Morales

"I got to see first hand use of Google Classroom by a Spanish Teacher from Kearney Public Schools. I really enjoyed the conference. I would recommend it to any future educator to get a feel for the increased use of technology in education"

Pablo Morales, ESL

"Jay Dostal's presentation on changing the focus of education was inspiring. Don't always teach the way you were taught!"

Kathleen Adler, Elementary Education

"The Tech Edge conference was a great opportunity to hear from many different educators and to learn about all the ways technology is being used in local classrooms. It was particularly inspiring to hear Dr. Dostal speak about all of the innovative ways technology is being used at KHS. During his speech he emphasized what an exciting time it is to be involved in education not only because of advances in technology itself, but also in the way that we teach and use that technology. After spending the morning with a group of people willing to give up the better part of their Saturday to learn how to better use technology I am also convinced that this truly is an exciting time to be in the education field"

Aaron Peterson, Elementary Education

"Attending the Tech Edge Conference gave me the opportunity to have a better understanding of the tech tools that are available for today’s educators, and how these tools are being used in the classroom. As a future elementary educator, it was impressive to see how Google Classroom is now being used in 3rd grade classrooms to collaborate with other educators across the globe when working on research tasks or group projects! It’s just heartwarming to see how teachers come together and answer any questions or doubts you may have either as a current educator or future educator"

Jenifer Acevedo, Early Childhood

Pre-service teachers benefit from connecting with others in the field of education to be inspired and re-assured that teaching is among the most noble, exciting and rewarding careers one can pursue.

By: Martonia Gaskill, Ph.D.

Category: Education

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