Pepsi/UNK Staff Development Program

Under UNK's contract with Pepsi Corporation signed in January 2010, Pepsi pays UNK a sum of money each year in return for exclusive vending rights on our campus. Chancellor Kristensen allocated $2,500 of those funds annually for the remainder of the contract period to Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance to establish training and incentive programs for non-faculty staff employees.

The Pepsi Staff Development program allows for a competitive process whereby financial support may be provided for worthy activities which further develop staff skills and abilities related to their employment at UNK.


Staff groups or individuals may make application for the Pepsi Staff Development funds by completing the application form found below or by calling the VCBF office at 865-8205. Completed applications must include the standard form, however additional documentation that can assist in understanding needs is encouraged. Because of the limited amount of funds, criteria for awards will include the following:

  • Activity must be directly related to the employee or group's employment
  • Awardee must be willing to bring information learned from proposed activity back to campus to share with others with similar work related duties when appropriate
  • Activities that encourage staff to perform at peak levels

Review of applications for these funds will be done twice yearly, once in September for the fall semester and once in January for the spring and summer.

Individuals or groups interested in applying for funding under this program should complete the application form and return to the Business and Finance office by September 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring and summer. Review of applications and response will be issued within 15 days of application deadline.

Questions may be directed to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance Office at 865-8205 or


Following notification of award, staff member should work with the department secretary for assistance with pre-payments, travel arrangements and reimbursements.

  • If the staff member has incurred expenses that can be reimbursed through the award, an expense reimbursement form should be filled out and submitted along with a copy of the award letter. In order to avoid tax implications to the individual, it will be necessary for staff to provide receipts for expenses incurred at least up to the amount of the award. For example, if you had $350 in registration fees, $400 in airline fees and $300 hotel, and your award was $500, receipts totaling $500 or more should be submitted along with the expense reimbursement form to the office of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance for coding, approval for payment, and entry into SAP.
  • Pre-payment of expenses may be made directly by the university for registration, airfare, etc. following the usual payment procedures. (Remember that split payments to airline vendors are not allowed) Call the office of the Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance at 865-8205 for the cost center number to use, and send copies of any charges to the VCBF office for their records. Someone from the department other than the recipient of the award needs to verify that the charges were actually incurred and the event attended by the individual requesting reimbursement. If a department incurred expenses for the staff member and is to be reimbursed by the staff member through his award, a simple transfer of the expense may be made by completing the GL Account Posting Form and sending to the VCBF office.

If there are further questions regarding the reimbursement process, call Fauneil Meier at #8205 or e-mail
Staff Pepsi Dev-Application.pdf