Brad Green

Senior Associate Director, Admissions

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Brad Green



Hometown: The grandest and greatest isle of Nebraska........................Grand Island, NE 

Your UNK Education: I have a degree in 7-12 History and 7-12 Mild/Moderate Special Education 

Favorite thing about the University of NE at Kearney: I have many favorite things about UNK, but one of them is the fact that UNK is a "Eyes" not a "Feet" campus. When I came on my campus visit as a senior in high school my tour guide was constantly interrupted because people wanted to say hey. Some might find this distracting, but to me it was a personal touch I never noticed elsewhere.  As you walk around UNK people have their heads up, smiling, saying hi and looking you in the eyes. It is not a place where students are staring straight at their feet.  Also UNK is small enough to have that close group of friends, but big enough to meet a new person every day. It truly is a Home-away-from-Home! 

Hobbies and Interests: Soccer, Frisbee, The Office, Cooking, and just hanging out with my friends. I love to read, everything from Action Adventure to Mysteries to Children’s Literature. With the large curriculum and children’s section in the library, I took full advantage of reading The Berenstain Bears and Goodnight Moon at the Calvin T. Ryan Library during my time at UNK. 

Favorite Super Hero: Spider-Man (unless Harry Potter counts)  I feel like Spiderman is the superhero all college students can associate with. Let’s look at his life – He is a wide-eyed student with dreams of being involved in a campus organization and being an academic all-star. He has some trouble adjusting his first year but with some help from his friends he becomes New York’s favorite crime fighter. Now the “New York’s favorite crime fighter” and radio-active spider parts are not in most people’s ideal college experience, all the rest is fairly similar.  

Favorite place on campus: Foster Field. I enjoy going to Foster because I can watch a UNK Women's Soccer game or a Loper Football Game, participate in an Intramural Soccer game, or play a pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee with my friends. I have been in attendance at the first UNK Women’s Soccer game, which set a national attendance record for Division 2, and when UNK played Chadron State in football and ESPN was here for the broadcast. Foster Field is always buzzing with activities! 

Favorite place in Kearney: I love the parks in Kearney. Being outside and active is a huge interest of mine and Kearney accommodates for people like me. Harmon Park has a very nice pool with a sweet slide, Centennial Park has a disc golf course for beginners, Cottonmill because you can swim, play sand volleyball, grill out and have a picnic or play a round of disc golf and Yaney Park you can fish or even rent a paddle boat shaped like a swan! Many of the parks are on the Hike and Bike Trail which travels throughout Kearney. So hop on your bike, hit the trail and check out the great city parks! 

Surprising facts about yourself: I started sewing and modeling my own clothes at the age of 8 in 4-H. My sophomore year of high school I modeled in the State Fair Fashion show. Out of 135 people....I was the only male.

What I recommend doing while in Kearney: Getting out to the Viaero Event Center and checking out a hockey game or concert. The Event Center is a perfect way to get involved in the Kearney Community. Hockey and concerts are not the only events held there. A favorite intramural of mine is broomball. This takes place at the Viaero Event Center. Also the Resident Hall Association has held an Ice Skating Night in the past. 

Why do you love UNK?: UNK is my home away from home. I have felt a connection with the campus and people from the time I came on my campus visit until today. I have made connections with administration, faculty, staff and peers. I have lived in the East Coast and in Houston, Texas but neither of these places ever felt “right”. UNK has that “right” feeling for me. That is one of the most important things about a college search – we want you to feel at home here! 

Why do you love Kearney?: Kearney is the perfect community for an university like UNK. The two partner together to make the lives of UNK students and the citizens of Kearney better. Kearney businesses give discounts to students and students pay back the community with events like the UNK Big Event. I feel a huge sense of pride as I drive into town and see the "Welcome to Kearney" sign.