Anna Hain


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Anna Hain

About Professor Hain

Anna grew up in Lewellen, Nebraska. After traveling abroad and throughout the U.S., she was happy to come back to rural Nebraska. Anna earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and continued on to get her M.S. Ed. in Clinical Mental Health. Anna has her LIMHP and works part-time in private practice counseling.

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher I strive to truly connect with my students and create a spark that ignites their desire to really learn. In my classes I focus on the following core principles: critical thinking, respect, active learning, dealing with conflict, applying sociological aspects to career path, professional communication, and self-awareness. I work to engage students by incorporating current and relevant sociological materials and exercises that help them gain insight into their worldview and how their perspectives influence how they interact with others. I aim to show them what sociologists do and why sociology is imperative as a scientific discipline. I frequently use my experiences as a therapist and previously as an EAP Director to illustrate sociological concepts, theories, and bridge the awareness gap between learning and applying information. Students report that classes help them to learn in a fun, supportive environment as well as that they are able to apply the information gained in class to their future career paths.

Courses Taught:

Sociology 100, Introduction to Sociology

Sociology 250, Anthropology

Sociology 225, Global Cultures and Diversity