Research Advisory Council

The purpose of the Research Advisory Council (RAC) is to bolster and improve the research culture and infrastructure at UNK. As part of this mission, the RAC provides leadership through strategic planning and resource allocation in the areas of research partnerships, programming, and infrastructure.


Working with the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research (AVCR), the RAC develops research programming priorities. This includes guidance for dissemination of faculty research to campus and the community, guest speakers, and the cross-disciplinary colloquium. 


The RAC coordinates the growth of research partnerships both on- and off-campus. On-campus partnership building includes working within, and creating new, research theme groups to improve and continue cross-campus collaborations. Off-campus partnership building includes reaching out to potential partners, organizing meetings between community partners and UNK, and identifying areas where partnerships could flourish.


The RAC leads the development of research infrastructure programs at UNK through resource allocation recommendations and hands-on mentoring.

                Resource Allocation: The RAC identifies infrastructure needs and develops programs and guidance for resource procurement for faculty. This includes recommendations for the allocation of Research Service Council funds prioritization and UNK institutional indirect funds prioritization.

                Mentoring: One of the main charges of the RAC is to develop a system for internal grant review for external applications. Additionally, the RAC identifies and fill gaps in research mentoring on campus to provide needed support for developing faculty.

                Training: The RAC identifies gaps in training for faculty and support staff in regard to pre- and post-award functions. The RAC also recommends remedies for these gaps and support the training apparatus where applicable.

Current Programs

Kearney Public School Partnership: Together with KPS administration, we have created a system for partnering faculty from UNK with KPS teachers and administrators. This system includes a form for UNK faculty and graduate students to fill out about the needs of their research project. Once filled out, the form is distributed to potential partners by KPS administration. Additionally, there is a document for KPS teachers to request projects or areas of emphasis from UNK researchers.

UNK Research Request to Collaborate with KPS Form

KPS Needs and Interest Form


Work-study Research Assistant Program (WRAP): Partnering with 11 faculty group from across campus, the inaugural WRAP aims to provide work study students at UNK with employment opportunities on campus that will not only assist them financially, but also make a large impact on their skill development and resume. Each position is unique to the faculty team and the discipline, but they share a common thread: UNK students are talented and have the capacity to assist faculty in their research and creative pursuits in a substantive and meaningful ways. 

Students in this program will be expected to complete necessary research and ethics training. Students will also be required to attend at least one research enrichment program per semester (e.g. invited speaker) and to fill out a brief survey at the end of the year. All of these duties will be on-the-clock.

Applications for faculty participation in year 2 will be distributed in Spring of 2019.

RAC Membership

The RAC group can be reached at

Name Department Contact Information
Toni Hill Family Studies 308-865-8232,
Dustin Ranglack Biological Sciences 308-865-8545,
Rebecca Umland English 308-865-8697,
Matt Bice, Ex Officio Kinesiology and Sport Sciences 308-865-8052,