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About the Psychology 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement Degree Program

On Campus

The Psychology education program will equip you to guide middle and high school students as they study some of life’s most important questions and gain a richer understanding of social influence, learning, human intelligence, the roots of personality, the effects of stress on health, and a myriad of other topics.

The College of Education at the University of Nebraska at Kearney has cultivated a reputation for producing Nebraska's top teachers for more than a century. Faculty believe in getting future educators into the classroom early and often, guiding students through early field experiences and student teaching. 

After completing the program requirements, you will be fully qualified to be a psychology teacher in middle and high school settings. The Psychology education program allows students to choose a second teaching area to increase opportunities for teaching in secondary education.

Psychology 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement Program at a Glance


Credit Hours

General Studies requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to UNK.

Degree Received

Psychology 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement, Bachelor of Arts in Education


Per Credit Hour

With the New Nebraskan Scholarship all undergraduate students pay in-state tuition

Nicole Hoffman

“I realized my passion lies in the teaching field. Psychology had always been something I really loved too, so it made sense to me to combine my passion and my love.” “I like how passionate every single teacher is in the psychology department. Their love for their respective fields is something I admire and want to find.” “My studies have allowed me to find out what I am passionate about, which will help me teach my students in my future classroom.”

Nicole Hoffman


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