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This program is for the inexperienced athlete who has not been formally introduced to strength training and the weight room. Qualified and experienced strength and conditioning professionals will guide the athlete through foundational strength training movements using body weight, medicine balls, resistance bands and lighter dumbbell and barbell loads before progressing in complexity and intensity (or load) in a safe and effective manner. Technique will be emphasized over the load or weight lifted.

At the completion of this program, the athlete will have mastered the major movement patterns and strength training exercises: squat, deadlift, single leg squat, lunge, hinge, upper body push and pull in both the vertical and horizontal planes, and core bracing and rotation.

It is common for young athletes to gain strength, power, jumping ability, and speed following this program. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, they are confident and competent in the weight room.

This is a great program for the middle school athlete preparing to enter a high school strength and conditioning programs.

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  • Camp: January 11th- March 30th 
    • Learn to Lift
      • 4:15-5:15 (24 Sessions / 2 per week)
        • Tuesday and Wednesday
          •  $40 for 8 sessions (2 x per week for 4 weeks)
          • Can renew anytime
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