ACL Injury and Performance for Girls

Loper Performance

Compared to males, female athletes, especially soccer and basketball, have a 3.5-fold increased risk of ACL injury. About 75% of ACL injuries are from quick stops, cutting and lateral movements, and landing.

There are several reasons for ACL injury including: poor hip, knee, and foot mechanics; lack of postural balance; poor muscle strength and imbalance in legs; poor deceleration (slowing down) and landing technique.

If we want to reduce the risk of ACL injury then we need to improve strength, power, mobility, conditioning, balance, agility, jumping and landing, and cutting and changing direction. Unfortunately, less than 20% of coaches have implemented ACL Injury Prevention Programs.

Join the UNK ACL Injury Prevention & Performance program for Female Athletes, and reduce your risk of ACL injury by 30-70% and improve your overall athleticism. All sessions also include education on sports nutrition and mental skills training.

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