Megan M. Adkins

Professor, Kinesiology and Sport Science | Associate Dean, Office of Graduate Studies and Academic Outreach

Office: CMCT 3rd Floor   |    Phone: (308) 865-8727   |    Email:

Megan M. Adkins


Megan Adkins, Professor of Health and Physical Education, and Associate Dean of the Office of Graduate Studies and Academic Outreach received her PhD in Teacher Education, Instructional Technology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, a MEd in Physical Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and a BS in K-12 Health and Physical Education, Community Health from University of Nebraska Lincoln. Before turning to academia in 2008, Dr. Adkins was a middle school physical education teacher and coach. Dr. Adkins teaches undergraduate and graduate physical education courses and assists in overseeing academic outreach, online education, and Graduate Studies at UNK. She is involved in numerous service and scholarly based activities within her professional organizations, community, and at the University level.  She continually advocates for the occupation through serving on committees, presenting at conferences, and publishing her own research. Her research interests include pedagogy, teacher preparation, XR technology advancements, online educational practices, and STEM. 

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Courses Taught

 Courses Taught (Undergraduate) 

      PE 109 Adapted Aquatics 

      PE 121 Sport Skills 

      PE 150 Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise 

      PE 160 Healthful Living 

      PE 200 Beginning Methods 

      PE 221 Teaching Sport & Leisure Activities

      PE 241 Rhythmic and Dance 

      PE 325 Motor Development and Learning 

      PE 340 Non-Rhythmic Activity for Eled Majors 

      PE 361 Integrating Movement Dance Eled Majors 

      PE 369 Adapted & Remedial PhysEd 

      PE 421 Administration of High School Athletics 

      PE 441 Elementary PhysEd Methods 

      PE 428 Secondary PhysEd Methods 

      PE 450 Curriculum & Assessment  

      PE 471 Field Experience in Health & PhysEd 

      PE 488 Senior Seminar and Praxis II Prep 

      PE 498 Special Topics            

Courses Taught (Graduate)  

      PE 828 Secondary School PhysEd 

      PE 831 Curriculum & Instruction 

      PE 841Elementary School PhysEd 

      PE 845 Motor Development

      PE 871 Physical Education for Students with Disabilities 

      PE 872 Developmental Disabilities in Physical Education 

      PE 874 Seminar and Practicum in Adapted Physical Education 

      PE 877 Motor Learning 

      PE 899 Special Topics